Why I refuse to vote for…

September 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

For every reason to refuse to support Barack Obama, almost the exact same can be said for Mitt Romney. Mandated insurance (ObamaCare), The TARP bailouts, the crony corporate favoritism, the continual and perpetual printing of money with quantitative easing, the failed war on drugs, the signing of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the “kill list,” the actual KILLING of American citizens by drone strike, the continuation of unconstitutional and undeclared wars in Afghanistan, Iraq (yes Iraq), LIBYA!!

Every single one of these actions and policies are a deal breaker, and in almost every instance, Romney has stated himself that he would have done the same, worse, or continued these policies. NONE of which represent American values to the extent that I understand them. Conservative or liberal. How is a compassionate conservative to justify the constant terror, murder, and destruction that we are causing to hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in far off lands? Liberals? You cant. WE CANT. These policies and actions, started in the previous REPUBLICAN administration, and are being faithfully carried out by this DEMOCRATIC administration… by our government, in the name of the good ol’ U.S.A., funded by our inflated tax dollars, and supported by US!
How would we react if China decided to set up base under the guise of “national security and interest.” Started patrolling our streets, and bombing our towns and cities? Along the way killing a few innocent people, maybe some kids…. do we not think that might create a negative vibe towards China?
We have been involved in the Middle-East since before many of us were even born. So much so that I don’t think ANYONE really understands it anymore. Influencing their governments, propping up dictators and removing them… arming rebel armies… 
Do we not think that after this much meddling in their lands, they MIGHT grow up to resent us?… 
It’s not because we are “free and rich.” That is a ridiculous assertion. Really? They came over here, hijacked our airplanes with box cutters, navigated the most heavily defended air space in the world, flew them into 2 buildings which were designed to absorb the impact of multiple similar strikes, and ended up toppling 3? They did that because we are free? Some things just don’t add up.
They, “the terrorist” don’t pose any real or significant danger or threat to you, me, or really any American. Not anymore than getting killed by a burglar in your sleep. You have a bigger statistical chance of being killed by a strike of lighting, than you do by a terrorist attack.  Yet we continue to live in fear. Molested, digitally exposed, and violated by the TSA at the airport… giving up our freedoms to NDAA and presidential executive order, funding and supporting these endless wars… in the name of what? Freedom? Some things must be questioned. 
Its time to think again. The only morally acceptable context for violence is defense. Is what we are doing defense?
We MUST look within ourselves and decide. Can we live with the blood of innocent human beings on our hands? I would suggest that support for either or our two major political parties is just that. Admitted guilt. 
…for principle, maybe its time to look for leadership elsewhere…

A ‘Latino’ View… because its different.

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What a Romney Presidency would look like for Latinos… HUH…

Really? What kind of racial, segregationist, group-ist, pandering BS is this?!

One of the most frustrating issues with media dominated politics; WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE SPEAKING FOR? Not me!! Not my family, and not really ANY person of Latin descent that I’ve ever spoken with. I mean, are we not JUST people also? Sure, I might enjoy refried beans more-so than the average bear, but that’s beside the point! Do we not have goals in life, are we not business owners? Are we not employees? Mothers and fathers? Brothers and sisters? Athletes, and artists? I am just another American citizen that doesn’t really care to be ‘grouped’ together as a statistic and used as a scapegoat for your “special privileges.” I am just another man, fighting for me and my families success. I want the same thing you want. Happiness. To be free to pursue whatever goals and aspirations I may have. Unrestricted, and without limitations. Without any special handouts or privileges.

Seems as though this authors main focus is the Obama administered insurance mandate. “For Latinos, the Affordable Care Act has been a source of great hope.” NOPE. “Mr. Romney of course wants to repeal the law,” NOPE.

Think again ‘Ms. Voice of EVERY Latino in the U.S.,’ Obamacare IS Romneycare, and Romney is on record stating that he would not delete the law as it is written, but replace it. With what? That’s anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure, the mandate is permanent, of course. So fear not my Latino brethren, Planned Parenthood and mandate insurance which we all apparently have been so greatly hoping for is here to stay.

“Latinos are supporting President Obama this Election Day because he genuinely understands that Latinos need affordable health care and that many Latinos rely on Planned Parenthood for that.” NOPE. Not this stereotyped Latino.


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Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky today on the Senate Floor successfully implemented a filibuster and the US Senate is now going to vote on adding conditions for foreign aid to other countries. During the process he gave a nearly hour long speech on the floor essentially giving the Senate a Foreign Policy 101 course.

If you dont like being flat ASS broke, in debt and having to borrow money from Frank to give to Billy so that he can buy himself a new car all the while he and all his friends hate you?… well then you might just agree with Senator Paul. I know I do.

Too bad it probably wont pass. After all, we have a responsibility to the rest of the world to prop up dictators, then arm rebels to take said dictator down… then build them back up, then take them down again… Its for the people dont you know? We have to give the world democracy!