We are fortunate, or burdened to live in very interesting, and trying times. We live in the future that all of our forefathers envisioned for us. Or do we?

This blog is mostly going to be ‘P’ word in nature, but always, discussion is welcome. Posts, ideas, notes, momentos or any other ‘thing’ that may appear on this blog is always subject to criticism. Good or bad.  The idea is to foster healthy debate, and discussion. The THING with our current society is that it is not ‘PC’ to discuss our social, civic or economic issues and stature, in the general public. The ‘P’ word. Many times not even amongst families. What kind of sense does that make? The ‘P’ word, government, and bureaucratic organizations rule and regulate all of our lives. How is it NOT not OK to discuss such an overshadowing and critical matter?

Lets discuss. Lets continue to evolve. Lets make the future we envision for our children.


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